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The End of a Marriage Doesn’t Necessarily Mean the End of Family Law Issues

Your divorce may be behind you, but no matter how well or thoroughly matters between you and your former spouse were resolved, the inevitable changes that life brings or unexpected actions taken by others can create new concerns that need to be addressed. The last thing you want is more conflict and acrimony, but you also need to take care of yourself or your children and ensure that the arrangements made in the divorce remain fair and equitable.

As an experienced Chicago family law attorney and mediator, my goal is to balance the desire for amicable resolution of disputes with the imperative of ensuring that my clients are treated with respect and consideration, that other parties meet their obligations, and that the safety and welfare of my clients and their children are never compromised.

I assist clients with all manner of family law issues, including:

    • Child Custody, Support, or Visitation Modification. As time passes, the needs of parents and children almost always change. Sometimes, those changes are just part of children growing up – more activities or educational needs for example. Sometimes, the change comes from the parents – jobs gained or lost, remarriage, or different living arrangements. In more extreme and unfortunate circumstances, certain events may cause a parent to question the other person’s ability to care for a child responsibly or ensure their well-being. When necessary or warranted, I assist clients with modifications to the arrangements set forth in the divorce decree as to child custody, support, or visitation.


    • Spousal Support Modification. A spousal support amount which may have been fair or appropriate at the time of the divorce may no longer be so in light of either positive or negative changes in the incomes or relationship situations of one or both of the former spouses. I work with my clients where appropriate to modify spousal support arrangements to reflect current realities and maintain the fairness and balance established at the time of the divorce.


    • Protective Orders. There are a variety of protective orders available in domestic relations cases. Individuals worried about their spouse draining marital assets while the divorce is pending can petition the court for restraining orders that prevent the other person from depleting accounts. More critically, such orders can be obtained to stop abusive spouses or ex-spouses from stalking, harassing, or otherwise bothering the other person.


    • Enforcement of Orders and Obligations. If your ex-spouse refuses to pay support or otherwise comply with a court order, I can help. I assist clients in enforcing child support, visitation, spousal support obligations, and other court orders.


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Chicago Family Law Attorney Louis Fine: Knowledgeable, Compassionate Guidance in Family Law Matters

Family law matters impact the things that are most precious – and most emotionally charged – in life. I make a personal commitment to provide the guidance and take the actions necessary to provide my clients and their children with security, fairness, and the peace of mind they need in these important matters.

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