Louis’ expertise along with his hand-holding and advice allowed me to see a future that I felt empowered to navigate, 100% thanks to his guidance. I felt terrified, lost and alone when I started my professional relationship with Louis, but as time went on he became the one person I trusted and he treated me more like a friend who really cared about the outcome. It didn’t feel like I was just another one of his cases. My gratitude to Louis is no less today than it was when my case was finally settled! I’m definitely one of his success stories!!

Judy Warner

There are not enough words to describe what a “pleasure” it was to have Mr. Fine represent me in my divorce settlement. While it seems odd to use the word “pleasure” during a stressful, unfortunate situation, Mr. Fine was very direct the first meeting, listening to my requests and concerns and explaining an action plan and timeline. He did the “worrying” for me during this journey. All that was expected from me was a timely response with any information/documentation that he requested from me. Mr. Fine is very much in control of all situations, he kept me informed the entire time. His office personnel is fabulous to work with as well, very courteous, thorough, accurate, concerned and willing to help in any situation. It was actually a “joy” to work with them. I could not recommend a better team of people to represent me. The entire experience was a “gift” from Mr. Fine to me and my children. Kathleen Pahl

I retained Louis fine in 2005 and was extremely pleased with his representation. Not only did he secure a very favorable outcome for me, but he also took a genuine interest in my case and helped guide me through a difficult process. Louis is diligent, hard-working and knowledgeable – I highly recommend him as an attorney. T.M. Cross

Mr. Fine is a wonderful professional, with many talents, including great listening skills and a fine sense of humor. All of these are important… with the variety of projects and talents that Mr. Fine encounters in his practice. The most challenging project he worked on for me (at least in my opinion) was a prenuptial agreement, with considerable time pressure, and the spouses speaking two different languages Mr. Fine worked very effectively with one spouse’s Spanish speaking attorney and her staff, crafting a detailed agreement, with financial data from various sources. Mr. Fine has the ability to identify, in advance, possible problems and suggest practical solutions. J.T.

I’ve used Louis Fine several times and have found him to be professional and easy to work with. The communication from his office was excellent and I was pleased with the results. Tony Ghidorzi, D.O., J.D.

I was referred to Louis Fine by a neighbor when I was going through a divorce. This was a new experience for me and having feelings of confusion and being overwhelmed, I was not quite sure what to expect. After my initial visit with Louis, I felt my spirits were uplifted and I had a renewed confidence that my “world” was not crashing around me.

Louis was very attentive to my situation and explained the various legal circumstances prior to us discussing any decisions. He is an excellent communicator and litigator and needless to say, keeps his clients’ best interests at the forefront. More importantly, he kept my young children’s future paramount in all our discussions.

Throughout this six month period of my life, I felt Louis was a close friend and confidant. His attention to detail and his knowledge of the legal system and preparation is excellent. Since that time, I have recommended Louis to various friends and they have thanked me numerous times.

In addition, his secretary Denise is a wonderful, thoughtful person and very understanding. She was a true pleasure to meet and work with.

Divorce is not a pleasurable experience. During these times you want a strong, confident individual to keep your best interests in mind and guide the ship you are sailing through rough waters. Louis certainly provided this for me and I highly recommend his services. Brad Rapciak